The High School Application Process

Application Checklist

High Point recommends that students apply to a minimum of two schools, being sure to include a school where you feel confident of admission. However, there are no guarantees, and factors change each year with the applicant pool at each school. When you have decided where to apply, please follow these steps and turn in all paperwork by Tuesday, December 12:

1. Begin the online application process for each school, which will require setting up an account at each school you apply to. Determine who will be filling out your recommendation forms. 

2. Give all paper academic recommendation forms and transcript release forms to Mrs. Zeiss. Make sure you have filled out all the personal information (i.e. name, address, school) on the top of the forms. Mrs. Zeiss will distribute the appropriate forms to the teachers and to Mr. Stern. Please do not take any forms directly to the teachers as it is important to keep a master list. If the school is using online forms, please use the correct teacher's email address. Do not use Mrs. Zeiss's email except for forms she is to fill out.

4. Give Mrs. Zeiss all transcript request forms - The only exception is St. Francis. You send the transcript release form to St. Francis with the application. Later, the admissions director sends the forms and teacher recommendations to High Point. Mrs. Zeiss will send copies of the required transcripts and test scores to the appropriate schools before the deadline dates. (Sometimes it takes time for the high schools to process this information, but the schools will contact Mrs. Zeiss if there is a problem. You do not need to worry!) Be sure to sign all transcript forms.

5. Please organize the transcript request forms and teacher recommendation forms by school, as it will help in recording the information. If possible, please turn in all paperswork at one time.