The early years in the library are full of excitement and laughter. Children K-3 enjoy a weekly storytime with lively readings of excellent books, rich discussions, age appropriate curriculum, ukulele sing-a-longs and fun fingerplays. 4th and 5th graders transition from storytime to the library tables, where they learn vital research and information literacy skills, enjoy read-alouds and take full advantage of everything our library has to offer. All of the children learn to confidently navigate the library and choose books that are just right for them.
It’s my intention to send them off to 6th grade and beyond with fond memories of their time in the library, a desire to come back often, a confidence in their research skills, a love of literature, and a deep understanding of the value and wonder of a library.
-Mrs. Neville

HPA Has Its Very Own Little Free Library!


Have you heard of Little Free Libraries?  There are tens of thousands of them all over the world. The concept is simple: take a book, return a book.  It’s a mini free lending library where people can choose books to keep, give them back when they’re done, or just donate some.  I have one outside my house and it’s a joy to see it getting used by folks passing by.  It’s always brimming with books thanks to people’s generosity.  Speaking of generosity, I have stacks of books here that have been donated by HPA families.  A lot of them get added to our collection, but many are surplus that I would love to put to good use, hence our new Little Free Library!  


A typical LFL looks like this:    Ours looks like this since we have so much to share:


The LFL cart is parked outside our library every day for anyone to visit. Come by to choose a book or bring some from home to add to the fun!