Annual Fund

The Annual Fund at High Point directly impacts the experience that our students have on campus each day.  Unlike most schools, High Point does not have an operating gap. This means that all donations received by High Point do not go to balance the budget bottom line. Instead, your donations supplement programs, facility improvements and education opportunities for the High Point community.

Your generous contributions in 2017-2018 helped us transform our P.E. shed into our new MakerSpace. This new interactive classroom allows students to tinker and build, while teachers incorporate more hands-on projects. Additionally, the Annual Fund continued to support Parent Education and Professional Development for our faculty. We are most appreciative of your donations, which exceeded our goal for the year.


In 2018-2019, the Annual Fund will lend itself to campus upgrades and updates, on an as-needed basis.  In addition, the Annual Fund will continue to support two key programs at High Point: Parent Education and Professional Development.

Our Parent Education Program 
will bring guest speakers to present to our parent community about various issues facing kids today.

More significantly, our Professional Development for faculty will be increasing, as we begin a Curriculum Mapping Process, designed to improve student performance by aligning all aspects of the curriculum to reduce repetitions, gaps, and strengthen skills.  What does this mean?  It means that we, as a school, are taking a close look at our curriculum to see what works best, what can be improved, and how students are performing with respect to different aspects of the curriculum. Ultimately, the goal is to align our curriculum, assessment, and instruction to research-based practices. This will allow for transparency of our curriculum, informing our parent community of the critical progression students make from their earliest years at High Point to the academic challenges of Junior High.  

This multi-year process involves an incredible amount of training, tracking, and various parts that will make up a fluid curriculum providing seamless transitions from grade to grade. We hope that you will join us in catapulting this program forward through research and training for our wonderful faculty.

Who participates and how much should I give?
Our goal, as with every year, is that 100% of parents, faculty, staff and board members participate in the Annual Fund. For 2018-2019, our overall goal is $310,000. As a donor, you receive a tax benefit and your generous contributions allow for our tuition to remain affordable for all families.


We ask every family at High Point to participate at a level (listed below) which they feel is appropriate. The Annual Fund helps us achieve our goals, and we can only do so through your generous philanthropic contributions.
Your support is vital to key programs for our community, and it cements your legacy at High Point by providing for our students, and future generations of students. Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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Annual Fund Giving Levels
Soaring Eagle: $5,000 and above*                             Nest Egg: $500-$999
Golden Eagle: $2,500-$4,999**                                  Blue & Gold Club: Up to $499
Eagle: $1,000-$2,499

*Donors at the highest level are invited to a donor dinner with the Head of School.
**Donors at this level and above, are invited to a donor recognition reception.


Questions? Please contact Christina Mariscal Pasten, Director of Development at 626-798-8989, ext. 0016 or

 All donations to the Annual Fund are 100% tax-deductible. High Point Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID#23-7253533