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High Point Academy is a co-educational K-8 school with a mission to awaken the joy of learning in each child. The school provides a nurturing environment that enables each student to flourish academically, emotionally, morally, physically, and socially. The challenging curriculum provides a traditional and balanced approach to ensure that students acquire tools for analytical thinking. With faculty and family support, students develop the ability to organize and pursue knowledge throughout a lifetime.

In the News

Calling All Siblings

Our admission season has begun for the 2020- 2021 kindergarten class. Please feel free to join a tour by signing up on our website.  This year the deadline for sibling applications is October 31, 2019. HPA sibling playdates will be held on December 10 and 11.

HPA Eats at PANERA Wednesday, Setember 25

Food tastes better when you share it with others! So join us for the HPA Eats at Panera Bread Company Hastings Ranch where High Point families come together, enjoy each other's company, good food and fund raise money for the school all at the same time. 20% of your receipt will go directly to High Point!

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HPA Eats @ Panera

Time: 4 PM – 8 PM
Location: 3521 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA