Junior High

It has never been a better time to be in junior high at High Point Academy. Our program allows for student expression, independence, and leadership.

The junior high continues the strong academic emphasis of the lower grades with the students receiving instruction in basic academic subjects, physical education, and a varied enrichment program. There is a departmentalized program with the students attending seven classes each day. The High Point junior high offers a safe and comfortable transition to high school, providing a strong academic program, a distinct uniform, and a variety of social, athletic, and extracurricular activities in which the students may participate. In terms of the schedule, most days the students have all of their core classes before lunch (with the only exception being one core class after lunch on Fridays). The classes are forty-five-minutes, with a fifteen-minute recess in the morning and a thirty-minute lunch period in the middle of the day. The junior high schedule allows for many unique and exciting programs, such as Enrichment, Advisory, and Common Time.

Common Time is a thirty-minute block before lunch that meets Mondays through Thursdays. The students select their placement and may choose from a variety of options: study hall with a particular teacher, working collaboratively on group projects, meeting with a teacher for extra help, or participating in a club. The junior high offers several clubs, including Debate, Music Club, Game Club, and Student Service Team.

It is also during Common Time, that teachers have the opportunity to work directly with the 8th graders in preparation for the high school application process. In addition to many of the area private schools coming to High Point to present to our 8th graders during this time, the 8th graders use Common Time to practice interviewing skills, work on high school applications, hone personal essay skills, and prepare for the high school entrance exams (both the ISEE and the HSPT). Beyond the preparation at school, High Point students are also invited to attend visitation days at the various local schools. The Graduating Class of 2018 received over $700,000 in merit scholarships at local independent high schools, which is a true testament to High Point students’ hard work and their solid preparation for the high school admissions process.

The Advisory Program begins in junior high. Advisory groups are comprised of one faculty member and nine or ten junior-high students, from both grades. The program aims to build peer and teacher-student relationships. Advisory groups meet most Fridays for a forty-five-minute period right after homeroom.

Another reason why it is great to be a junior higher at High Point Academy is the enrichment course offerings. The High Point junior high program offers an unprecedented array of courses, including Game Development, Maker Time in the new Makerspace, 3D Printing, Art, Debate, Card Sharks, Public Speaking, Band, Advanced Band, Health, Yearbook, and American Sign Language. Although there are some requirements (all 7th graders must take at least one quarter of Health, for example), the students are allowed to select their classes based on their interests. As a result, the junior-high students are truly electing their electives.

Overnight trips continue in junior high, and they do not disappoint! Yet another reason why junior high is so amazing! The 7th graders attend the Catalina Island Marine Institute (or CIMI) as a class in October for three days. As an 8th grader, the class trip is to the Pali Institute in the San Bernardino Mountains for five days at the end of September.

The dances are yet another perk to junior high. Students from High Point Academy are invited to dances hosted by Barnhart, Flintridge Prep, Clairbourn, Poly, Chandler, and Westridge. In addition, the 8th graders have the opportunity to host a dance in February for students of these schools as well.

Overall, junior high allows our eagles to soar, in the classroom and beyond!

The Academic Program

Seventh Grade

  • English
  • Mathematics (Pre-Algebra or Algebra)
  • World History
  • Science (Life Science)
  • Spanish
  • Enrichment
  • Physical Education

Eighth Grade

  • English
  • Mathematics (Algebra or Geometry)
  • United States History
  • Science (Chemistry and Physics)
  • Spanish
  • Enrichment
  • Physical Education