Welcome to High Point!

Welcome to High Point Academy, an independent, coeducational kindergarten through 8th grade school, nestled in the beautiful foothills of Pasadena!

Why High Point Academy?

What makes High Point unique? Our mission is dedicated to awakening the joy of learning in each student and inspiring every student to reach his/her fullest potential in a close-knit, nurturing, collaborative, and stimulating community of caring and learning. We share a long-standing, unwavering commitment to provide academic excellence and to develop and nurture the Whole Child (academic, social, emotional, ethical, physical). With an emphasis on the “Whole Child”, students build their minds through strong academic and enrichment programs designed to foster critical thinking and creative problem solving. Their bodies are strengthened through daily physical education, and their social and emotional intelligence is developed through programs that help students understand and connect with each other. Our dedicated and talented faculty provides a strong, challenging, and engaging  curriculum that, in addition to the core academics, includes Spanish or French, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts and design, library, the latest in technology and innovation, and daily physical education.

At High Point, it is and will always be about the students. Every decision and priority is guided by one overarching consideration - "Will this decision/priority further advance High Point's mission of developing the Whole Child, awakening the joy of learning in students, and furthering the pursuit of academic excellence?"

While this website will provide you a snapshot of High Point, sign up for a tour and visit our diverse, dynamic, close-knit community. Experience first-hand why High Point’s engaging K-8 curriculum instills self-confidence, good character, and an incredibly strong and vibrant academic foundation. Visiting our school is truly the best way to fully appreciate and understand the little gems of life and learning at High Point that inspire our students (High Point Eagles) to soar ever higher.


Mission Statement

High Point Academy awakens the joy of learning in each child. The school provides a nurturing environment that enables each student to flourish academically, emotionally, morally, physically, and socially. The challenging curriculum provides a traditional and balanced approach to ensure that students acquire tools for analytical thinking. With faculty and family support, students develop the ability to pursue and organize knowledge throughout a lifetime.