Strategic Plan

High Point Academy's Board of Trustees and I are proud to present our Strategic Plan (2016-2021). The Strategic Plan reflects the collaborative efforts and insights of the Board of Trustees, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Students and provides a clear path forward to allow High Point to remain true to its mission and core values and successfully grow and evolve.  Notably, our Strategic Plan is centered around optimizing the effectiveness of the curriculum (what we teach) and instruction (how we teach it).  

Through the strategic planning process, our community identified four pillars that support and sustain our mission and Strategic Plan: Excellence, Innovation, Responsibility, and Community.  These four pillars support six strategic objectives focusing on (1) a strong, challenging curriculum, (2) a commitment to fiscal responsibility, (3) fund-raising and friend-raising, (4) campus facilities to optimize student learning, (5) admissions, enrollment, and marketing, and (6) recruiting, retaining, and supporting talented faculty and staff.   

The road ahead is exciting and full of potential.  Since the school's founding in 1965, the vision of our Founders has inspired and navigated High Point to a preeminent position in the kindergarten-8th grade independent school community in the San Gabriel Valley.  The Strategic Plan represents an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and the ongoing legacy of our Founders' dream.  As High Point embarks upon the next chapter in its journey, we do so with a sense of optimism and with the strength borne of our rich history and traditions.  We hope that you will join us in our excitement to make this Strategic Plan a reality that catapults our close-knit community to new heights of excellence and innovation."  

-Gary Stern, Head of School