Lower Elementary K-3

Welcome to High Point's Lower Elementary Program (kindergarten-3rd grade)!  At High Point, we believe educational excellence should awaken the joy of learning in each student.  Our commitment to a balance of tradition and innovation and our challenging curriculum prepare students with the foundation for success in the upper elementary grades and middle school.  Every day, lower elementary students and teachers work together, immersing themselves deeply in the learning process and honing students' essential foundational skills and the ability to think critically and creatively.   Students develop good study habits and organizational skills in the pursuit of their love of learning.  Our close-knit community of faculty, staff, and families helps guide each student’s educational journey.  In a nurturing, inclusive, and diverse environment, students discover they can flourish to their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and morally. 

High Point maintains its long-standing commitment to academic rigor within the framework of a well-balanced program and a strong continuity of curriculum in all subject areas from grade level to grade level.  The engaging curriculum fosters the six C's of 21st century education: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, character education, communication (oral and written), and cross-cultural understanding.  To help develop timeless values such as respect, empathy, and compassion, High Point offers a meaningful character education program and grade-level community service projects.

Every week, students attend science, art, music, library, STEAM-based and Spanish classes taught by subject experts. Daily PE fosters more than fitness; it provides countless ways for students to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience.  Students benefit from a 2:1 iPad program to enrich the curriculum via technology.  

Our parent portal offers families helpful resources for organization, communication, homework, and ongoing learning. Students receive meaningful homework assignments designed to reinforce and enhance their learning.  

We welcome and embrace partnership and communication with parents. We send home report cards each trimester, offer parent-teacher conferences, and are available to meet with parents as the need arises. We discuss timely topics of interest via our parent education program.  

In these formative years, educators in High Point's Lower Elementary School encourage and empower students to think deeply, ask thoughtful questions, and develop the foundation for lifelong learning and positive citizenship. High Point prepares students for life.