Life After High Point Academy

High Point Academy is proud of the long tradition of academic excellence and success of its students. The secondary placement process at High Point prepares its graduates for a seamless transition from an elementary and middle school experience to the next chapter in their academic career. Graduates continue their education at the most acclaimed independent schools in the community.  


“The strong foundation High Point provides makes our students incredibly well prepared for high school.” said Gary Stern, Head of School. “In a school our size, we know our students well- they don’t get lost in the ranks. The high school acceptance rates tell our story. Last year, our graduates gained entrance into numerous acclaimed local independent high schools and earned over $700,000 in merit scholarships.”


“To broaden that sense of community” Mr. Stern explained, “the school has a Community Engagement program in its elementary school. Each class is connected with a special organization in the community, and students work with and help support that organization in a very meaningful way,” said Stern. “You can read about all the work performed yearly on our blog:  High Point Academy Community Engagement Programs.”


As Mr. Stern explained, “From their earliest years at HPA, we encourage our students to develop a sense of caring, compassion, and desire to give back both on and off campus.”


High Point’s “Eagle Pride” is an integral part of the school’s educational program:


PRIDE means show a

Positive attitude,

Respect, Integrity,

Determination, and