Art K-3

The lower elementary art curriculum combines introductory instruction in the elements and principals of design with open opportunities to explore and create using different media. Beginning in kindergarten and progressing through grade 3, students are taken through a series of scaffolded projects designed to introduce materials, processes and procedures in the areas of drawing, printmaking, painting, collage and sculpture. Special attention is focused on the use and development of fine motor skills through project procedures. Project content is often transdiciplinary, and is generally inspired by a combination of nature, real world experiences and historical themes. Step-by-step instruction is given in the use and/or application of relevant materials and tools both traditional and digital. Every lesson is designed for students to be exposed to the formal aspects of the technique at hand, as well as provide the opportunity for creative interpretation. As students advance in grade levels, they assume more responsibility for the preparation of their projects, which consist of additional stages from preliminary studies to the final product. Finished products from selected units are exhibited throughout the year.