Art at High Point

The Fine Arts and Design curriculum focuses on the development of artistic behaviors, including but not limited to, creative thinking, problem solving and innovation. The program provides students with a working studio space that emphasizes materials, process and content as a means to observe, imagine and create.  Beginning in kindergarten and continuing on through the middle school years, students are guided through hands-on, project-based experiences that explore drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage and computer aided design. Recognizing that every grade level is the best at handling materials and comprehending subjects in unique ways, the curricular structure is sequential, and built on a series of cohesive units that draw on age specific strengths.
Throughout the course of the year, students are regularly presented with age appropriate opportunities to experience transdisiplinary themes through the study of different historically significant and contemporary artists as well as cultures, and artistic traditions. Equal emphasis is placed on process and product, which gives students room to be creative, and to gain experience in presenting finished works of art and design.