Fifth Grade

The fifth grade curriculum is built on the fundamental skills of the previous grades. Because students have a grasp of basic study habits and social conventions, the fifth grade seeks to increase academic rigor and responsibility. Fifth grade begins to focus on critical thinking in every subject and makes use of students-teaching-students (to share what they have learned), plus field trips and study camps. The fifth grade prepares students for their upcoming tran­sitional year: sixth grade.

Reading, Phonics, and Vocabulary. In fifth grade, the literary focus is connecting, inferencing, predicting, and synthesizing. Through­out the year we work on constructing and solidifying deeper inquiry skills in a whole-group setting. Students learn how to support their ideas with direct evidence from the text, and participate in group discussions. Similar to fourth grade, in addition to vocabulary from the texts, stu­dents further their knowledge using a renowned platform.

Writing and Grammar. In fifth grade, students develop proper technique and usage in writing and grammar. The curriculum is taught using a proprietary model and students continue to focus on persua­sive and expository essay writing. All stages of the writing process are implemented, and students contin­ue to strengthen peer revising and editing. In grammar, students learn about types of sentences, parts of speech, sentence structure, and how grammar is the foundation for writing and speech.

Mathematics. The fifth grade program enables students to develop skills by building on previously learned concepts with a spiraling review. Math is taught through direct instruction, guided learning, and is project based. Classes are differentiated according to ability and pacing levels. Students will master opera­tions in critical areas. Algebra is also introduced in the fifth grade.

Science. Fifth grade science is taught through direct instruction, small-group, hands-on activities, experiments, and STEM/STEAM lessons throughout the year. Two of these experiments involve building significant models. The focus is on diverse concepts, and students apply the Scien­tific Method to activities and experiments. Each experi­ment is followed up with a lab write-up. Highlights of the year include a science camp and observatory trips.

Social Studies. Fifth grade focuses on the history of the United States as well as geography skills. Students study numerous relevant and compelling units. The highlights of the program are a campus day and a field trip that allow students to, in effect, travel through time and be transformed into those they have studied. Through reenactments, hands-on activities, and project-based study, students learn to bring history to life.