Message from the Head of School

Dear High Point Community,
The recent hate crimes involving a tragic shooting at a Jewish synagogue and bombs mailed to the homes of high profile political figures, including two ex-Presidents, symbolize a disturbing trend in our nation. On a personal note, these troubling events struck close to home as I attended a Jewish synagogue throughout my childhood. There are venues in our society which are and should be held sacred and honored as safe havens for all, including houses of worship, schools, and our homes.
We cannot allow ourselves individually and collectively to become desensitized to these tragedies as the “new normal.” We must speak out against these atrocities with unwavering courage, conviction, and sense of purpose. Let’s never forget what makes our country great and ensure that we impart this wisdom to our children. America has always been at its best when we maintain a “free marketplace of ideas” in which we can disagree without being disagreeable. Our nation has thrived because we welcome, embrace, and respect multiple perspectives and points of view. What has made our country the longest-standing democracy in human history and a beacon of hope is our unwavering commitment to the individual rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” embedded in the Declaration of Independence and memorialized in a democratic framework of government outlined in the US Constitution.
During these unsettling times, our children unequivocally require our moral leadership and conviction. I encourage you to join me in utilizing these tragic events as a teachable moment for us all to affirm the strength of our humanity, character, and integrity both individually and collectively as a nation. There is nothing more vital than to teach and model for our children the three most important rules: Be kind, be kind, and be kind.
- Gary Stern, Head of School