Halloween Parade! Friday, Oct. 29th 8:45am

Covid-19 guidelines for parents/students:

  • All participants are asked to wear a facial mask. Students are asked to sing with the mask on
  • Parents who join as an audience are not required to show proof of vaccination as long as they are masked and not interacting with students
  • We kindly ask that parents remain at the handrails of the stadium. They are not allowed to sit in the stadium seating with the students
  • Each grade class needs to sit at least 6 feet apart from the other grades.

Costume guidelines:

  • Students are allowed to dress up in costumes and since they will be wearing a mask, they can decorate their mask as well with pens or stickers
  • No swords or other “props” that might lead to playful jousting
  • Please refrain from extremely gory costumes that might frighten our youngerstudents
  • If you don’t want to wear a costume, you may wear orange and/or black
  • Uniforms are always appropriate
  • PE classes will take place, so appropriate athletic shoes should be worn
  • Larger costumes should be easy to take off so students can move freely during recess and PE
  • Please be culturally sensitive when choosing a costume

Parents will be asked to remain along the handrails above the stadium during the parade and the performance. All photography/video recording are permitted during the show. Please avoid the use of flash light as it could distract the performers.