Library Curbside Pick Up All Grades

Dear HPA Families,

We are so excited to start offering curbside checkout through our library! HPA students are now able to check out up to three books at a time to enjoy at home. 3rd grade and up have been learning how to search the library catalog and place books on hold, and families of K-2 students have received a video tutorial from Mrs. Neville. We will be coming in weekly to check out books to any students who want them. We began this week and are already seeing so many requests for books. Keep them coming, we are so happy you are reading! 

Initially, we had planned on coordinating library book pickup and return with your classroom materials pickup. However, because each grade is doing this on different days, with varying frequency and regularity, we have decided it’s simpler to offer one pick-up time JUST for library books, for ALL grade levels. 

FROM NOW ON, LIBRARY BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP ON MONDAY AFTERNOONS, FROM 12-3pm on a cart parked outside the office. You are encouraged to return library books at this time too, though a drop off bin will be in front of the school each day. We’ve extended the checkout period from 2 to 3 weeks while we’re home. We’ll send a reminder email on Sundays to those who have placed holds indicating your books will be ready for pickup Monday afternoon. If you are unable to come Monday, the cart full of checked out books will be parked inside the office for the remainder of each week with everything labeled by grade/student name.

We’ve been monitored research all summer on best practices for keeping books safe/clean for circulation. In an abundance of caution, incoming books will be quarantined for a minimum of a week (unstacked, so they can best air out) and will be wiped down with Clorox wipes before they are checked out again.


Here’s the link to Destiny Discover, our library catalog, as well as Mrs. Neville’s tutorial for K-2 parents on how to log in, search, and put books on hold.

We are also happy to provide recommendations to students of any grade. 

Happy reading!


Danielle Kalan,,  Librarian, 4th-8th grade

Jennette Neville,, Librarian, K-3rd grade