Janice Constancio is an associate teacher working with students in kindergarten through fourth grade in and out of the classroom in all subjects. She has been a member of the High Point community since 1988, first as the parent of a 1997 grad who volunteered in many programs and substituted in all grades. Since joining the staff in 1999, she has been an administrative assistant, substitute, and now an associate teacher for the past 5 years. Her favorite days of the year are the first day of school, meeting the new kindergartners, and graduation day, when she can see how each student has grown into an articulate, intelligent young adult. She admires her colleagues for their intelligence, wit, good nature, and willingness to share ideas. She says, β€œIt is truly a joy to come to school each day and experience the new challenges and see all the smiling faces. I love my job!” In her spare time she loves to quilt, read, and garden.