Gint Valiulis was born and raised locally. He went east to go to Harvard and eventually found his way back home, not just geographically, but professionally. His path took him from Boston to Chicago and Taiwan, and professionally into graduate school at UCLA, Finance and Accounting, the computer industry, and even the entertainment industry before listening to the call of teaching and completing his credential at CSUN.

Mr. Valiulis has shared his passion for history with energetic junior high kids at High Point Academy for over 10 years. Teaching is the task of guiding that energy and curiosity children have about the world; letting them know they are a part of it and can have a large impact within it.

Mr. Valiulis coaches students on their national history projects as well as for High Point's speech and debate team. He advises the 8th graders who make the yearbook. His personal time is filled with his three children, yet he finds time to play miniature games and enjoys traveling domestically and internationally as well as participating in institutes to deepen his historical understanding and inspire his teaching.