Mrs. Vernon is a twenty-five year veteran of High Point Academy.  Most of those years have been spent in kindergarten, where she has the honor and responsibility of introducing children to their first school experiences and instilling a love for learning.  Although she received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, she started her career in retail as a corporate manager.  After taking time off to start a family, she began her teaching career.  During her tenure, she has led her grade level in adapting and revising curriculum, conducted workshops to train teachers on technological integration in the classroom, and has mentored new teachers.

Mrs. Vernon has attended numerous workshops that connect the latest brain research to how students learn, and she incorporates these strategies into her classroom.  She also trained with H. Stephen Glenn, author of Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World, to become a facilitator for his program, Developing Capable Young People, and conducted three parent workshops.  She encourages her students to do their best and strives to provide opportunities for them to develop competency-based self-esteem. She hopes these skills inspire them to be lifelong learners.  Mrs. Vernon and her husband adore their rescue dog and admit they spoil her.  Her only daughter, an alumnus of High Point Academy, has followed in her footsteps and is teaching second grade in Atlanta.