Parent Drivers

Each year Parent and Volunteer drivers are required to fill out a Field Trip Driver Insurance Information form and a Driver Record Request form.

Field trips and athletic events are a major part of our program at High Point Academy. For most class trips the school hires buses from a transportation company. On certain occasions, however, we may depend on parents and teachers to drive for local trips. We have established some basic requirements to help protect the children, the school, the parents, and the teachers who drive. We require that each child riding in a car be in a seatbelt (that is not behind an air bag) at all times.

All volunteer drivers need to submit a current Driver Record Request that shows a good driving record including no moving violations in the previous two years. To complete your Driver Record Request please click here to go directly to the DMV form. Please print out the completed form. There is a small charge but we greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time to be an approved driver.

Volunteer drivers should also fill out the Field Trip Insurance form then copy and submit an up-to-date insurance card with it. Please return the following to the office before a field trip:

If you are kind enough to volunteer to drive your car on a field trip, it is important that you realize your insurance is primary for any accident that may occur. Therefore, it is suggested that you carry limits of liability of at least:

  • $250,000         Per Person
  • 500,000           Per Accident
  • 100,000           Property Damage
  • 500,000           Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist
  • 5,000               Medical