Student Support Team (SST)

Student Support Team (SST)

High Point Academy is committed to creating an optimal learning environment and meeting the diverse academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of our students. Our students have a wide range of learning styles and needs. Classroom teachers use a variety of strategies, both evidence-based and intuitive, to respond to individual student needs daily. The Student Support Team consists of the Director of Learning Services, School Counselor and the Assistant Head. The teacher and the SST collaborate and develop strategies for a student’s success. Collaboration with families is also highly valued as this increases the likelihood of a positive student outcome. Classroom strategies are implemented and monitored before formal recommendations for outside support or assessment.

Director of Learning Services/Learning Specialist

The head of the Student Support Team (SST) is the Director of Learning Services. She collaborates with teachers and school administrators in fostering and designing optimal learning environments in the classroom. She also assesses and identifies students’ learning needs, which include remediation and enrichment, and she provides teachers with help and support in working with students with a wide range of needs and learning styles.

School Counselor

Consultative and support services from a counselor are a vital part of the educational experience at High Point Academy. Our School Counselor serves as a resource to students, parents, faculty, and staff by providing consultation, assessment, and referral services to those within our school community.