Notes from the Nurse

October 7, 2020


Dear Parents,  

You may have noticed that last week a new form was added to Magnus.  This form is called the Flu Vaccination form.  While the flu vaccine is NOT required, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. As part of the Pasadena Department of Public Health school re-opening plan, schools are encouraged to track flu vaccination rates for this year’s flu season among their employees and students. Once your student has received her/his flu vaccination, please go to the Flu Vaccination form in Magnus Health and enter the date your child received her/his flu shot. Additionally, please upload a copy of the documentation that they received the flu vaccination to the immunization section in Magnus.  This can be a photo for the pharmacy receipt or documentation from your healthcare provider. If your child received a flu shot earlier this year (any time before August 1, 2020), they will need a new flu vaccination to protect them for the 2020-2021 flu season.  If you are planning not to have your child vaccinated for the flu this year, please simply state, “my child will not be vaccinated for the flu this year” on the Flu Vaccination form. If your child has a medical exemption to the flu vaccine, please just type “medical exemption” on the Flu Vaccination form.  I encourage all students to receive their flu vaccination prior to November 1st, if possible, as this is the start of the flu season. However, students may receive their flu vaccine any time during the flu season (November – April). 

Additionally, there is one more new form in Magnus, released today, for parents to review and sign.  This form is called the Policy for the Use and Disclosure of Confidential Student Medical Information Related to COVID-19.  Please review this policy and electronically sign the acknowledgement at the end.  This policy describes how any information acquired by High Point Academy related to a student’s COVID-19 status will be used. 

For any questions regarding the Flu Vaccination Form or Student Disclosure and Use of COVID-19 Information, please contact the School Nurse at  

Kind Regards, 

Nurse Lisa
Lisa Gillison, RN, MSN
High Point Academy School Nurse