FAQs About Remote Learning

Below you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the start of the year during remote learning. If your question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to reach out to the administration team.

What supplies are still required?

During the remote learning portion of our school year, some of the supplies on the list won’t be necessary. Please use your best judgement to make sure that your child is fully equipped to begin the year. When we are able to return to campus, each student should bring the supplies that are listed. When we get closer to the start of school, our teachers will be able to guide you on these details. Click here for the supply list.

What are expectations for uniforms and general decorum during remote learning?

  • Children are expected to be dressed and ready to learn.  (This means that breakfast should be finished before the first call of the day). Some of you have asked if uniforms are required, and they are not. However, students are encouraged to wear them if that helps your child feel more like they are “going to school”. 
  • Once we are back on campus, our 5th-8th grade students will not be required to wear P.E. uniforms since we will be closing our locker rooms for the entire school year.

When will I find out my child’s class assignments?

You will receive a message from your teacher, welcoming your child to the new school year on August 25th. 

How will I get my child’s materials?

We will arrange pick-up days and times for each grade level at the end of August so that students  will have all the technology, books, and supplies they need for a successful start of school. 

Will my child be issued an iPad or computer?

Yes! Students in Kindergarten- fourth grade will be issued an iPad, and students in fifth grade will be issued MacBook Airs. Students from sixth to eighth grades bring their own devices according to HPA Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  guidelines. 

Do you have any advice on how to help my child with remote learning?

As parents, our children need to feel our positivity about the future. By establishing a safe and organized space in your home for them to learn, setting goals with your child, and focusing on their strengths, students will gain confidence and adapt to this remote learning platform. Children thrive with structure. For younger students, you may want to create a routine and recurring schedule that includes organizing their “study area” and imitating the school environment as best as you can (using water bottles, having snacks organized, placing a clock in view, or using a timer, etc.). You will be receiving more ideas in the month ahead on strategies and ideas to enhance your child’s success and social-emotional wellness to help inspire you so that your child feels successful.