Head of School Search

Since Gary Stern announced his decision to leave High Point Academy at the end of the academic school year in June 2021, the Board of Trustees have formed a Search Committee and retained the services of Morris & Berger, a nonprofit executive search firm, to partner with us to identify High Point’s next Head of School.  Morris & Berger will assist in conducting a National search for our next head of school. As we undertake this important step to identify our next head of school, the Board of Trustees have engaged Dr. Tim Burns as High Point’s interim head of school. Dr. Burns previously served as High Point’s interim head during the 2014-2015 school year. Dr. Burns has spent a significant number of years providing transitional head of school leadership to private schools Nationally. We welcome Dr. Burns back to High Point!   



The Search Committee is co-led by Brent Schoenbaum, an alumni parent and past Board Chair during the previous Head of School search, and Mike Noll, also an alumni parent and former Board Chair.  Together as Co-Chairs, Brent and Mike bring an understanding of High Point’s unique culture, community and values to the search process.  The additional members of the Search Committee are:  

Peter Bachmann - Head Emeritus, Flintridge Preparatory School
Pat Bonacci – Former President and Principal, La Salle College Preparatory, Former High Point Board Chair
Tito Gibbs – Alumni Parent
Krista Huezo – High Point Junior High Science Teacher
Chelisa Vagim – Alumni Parent and Current Board of Trustees
Zach Davis - Current Arts/Design Teacher
Sarah Nguyen - Current 6th Grade Teacher
Norma Richman - Community Engagement/Parent Education Coordinator

We will continue to provide our community with updates on our progress and provide the opportunity for your participation in key points in the process.


Following is the anticipated timeline for completing the search process.  Dates are subject to change. 

April – May ‘21

Morris & Berger meet with the Search Committee, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, key staff, and other stakeholders.

Surveys distributed to the High Point community.       

May ’21             

Head of School position announced, and recruitment process begins.        

June ‘21            

Dr. Tim Burns begins interim Head of School role. 


Candidates narrowed down to mid-list that advance to first round of interviews with Morris & Berger.

Mid-list interviewees narrowed to short-list candidate pool that advance to interviews with Search Committee.             

Sept.-Oct. ‘21

Search Committee conducts short-listed candidates and evaluated to identify final candidates.


Final candidate(s) visit campus for final interviews with Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and other stakeholders and solicitation of feedback.   

Nov. ’21

Search Committee recommends final candidate to Board of Trustees and offer is extended.          

 June ‘22

Dr. Burns concludes Interim Head of School role and new Head of School assumes responsibilities.   



The nonprofit sector is Morris & Berger’s passion. Since Kristine Morris and Jay Berger formed Morris & Berger nearly 35 years ago, we have helped turn strong candidates into transformative leaders by placing them in a variety of nonprofit organizations. Through our experience, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the sector, we know that the right individual can shape the future of an organization.

Finding this individual is our promise and we are deeply committed to delivering on it. Our team of seasoned professionals approaches every project as a collaborative opportunity. We build strong relationships with the organizations we serve and consider ourselves an extension of their teams. Forming a partnership with them from the start, we guide a collaborative and transparent process from beginning to end. We take time to understand the dynamics of their organization and adapt and tailor our search to their needs and goals.

Finding candidates who will strengthen and transform an organization means supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our role is to serve as a facilitator to the search process and a provider of a rich, diverse and qualified candidate pool. This approach supports the mandate by which we live: To serve each client by identifying and recruiting the best possible candidates for a position, not simply the best available.