Extended Care

About the KCEC Program       

The goal of the Kinder Care and Eagle Club programs is to provide pleasant, enriching experiences that complement the regular classroom activities and enhance the cognitive and social development of each child while providing safe supervision after school.  Located in the primary yard and the multi-purpose room, the program serves children in kindergarten through eighth grade.  On rainy days, our students use the kindergarten classroom (room 2), room 11 as well as the multi-purpose room (room 24). 


Regular School Days Hours:
Kinder Care: 2:15-3:10pm
Eagle Club: 3:10 – 6:00 pm
Half day Hours:
Kinder Care – 11:30-12:00 noon
Eagle Club – 12:00-6:00 pm
*Half day hours before a holiday or open house 12:00-4:00 pm. (12/20/18 and 5/9/19)
**Only Kinder Care is available on the last day of school, Eagle Club is not available. (6/6/19)
Please provide a lunch and a drink for your child on half days, HPA does not provide lunch on half days and there is no lunch service.
Early Dismissal Wednesday:
Kinder Care – 1:45-2:10pm
Carline – 2:10 -2:30pm (All Students will go out to carline except for monthly/yearly Eagle Club)
Free Play (K – 8th) – 2:30-3:30pm
Eagle Club – 3:30-6:00pm


Directors and Staff

Jessica Bush, After School Director
Contact Information:
626.798.8989, extension 0050
626.590.3683, cell
Kimberly Medina, KCEC Student Supervisor
Contact Information:


Rena Jackson, KCEC Student Supervisor
Contact Information:


2018- 2019 Kinder Care and Eagle Club
Important Dates & Billing Schedule & Pricing

  •  Schedule includes all Regular Days, Half Days and Early Dismissal Wednesday’s
  •  Morning Care will be available from 7:00am – 8:00am (No Grace Period). Morning Care Questions please refer to Jackie Aguilar.
  •  Occasional Use (Morning Care/Eagle Club) is Billed by 1/2-hour increments.
  •  Eagle Club billed at $300/month (Sept. – May) or $2400/yearly (due October 1st).
  •  Any Billing Questions please refer to Jessica Bush.