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Sustainability Commitment

High Point Academy's Green Philosophy echoes our mission of providing a nurturing environment that enables each student to flourish physically, morally and socially as well as academically.

By teaching our students to care for their planet, we are helping them to grow into healthy, happy, responsible and caring individuals who will create a more secure world in which to thrive.

Our Waste Less Living Initiative supports our commitment to environmental stewardship, teaching our students - from their earliest years - to become stewards of their planet through conscientious waste reduction. The initiative instills sustainable lifestyle habits that encompass usage awareness and reduction, recycling, composting, greener product choices, and more.

Student-driven initiatives, such as our Donate And Compost program, help our students to become leaders in the environmental movement that will help to sustain our planet, while also transforming California communities like our own.


Green Events

HPA has adopted a school-wide practice of using “compostable tableware” for its lunch program and all its social events. These products are made from plants NOT plastic and can be disposed of in the compost container at one of three locations around campus. Please be mindful that these products look and feel like plastic but are not. We encourage all parents to take a second look at the products offered during our events to acquaint themselves with it. We also encourage parents to plan their own parties at home with zero-waste in mind. Our partner, Waste Less Living, can help you too!

Want To Learn More of What Your Child Is Learning About Sustainability?

Click here for some interesting videos you can view with your child:

HPA encourages our students, faculty and HPA community to post green HPA events, interesting information about our own Green HPA initiative and its ongoing work, and other items of interest to our green-centric HPA community.

Donate And Compost

Middle School students are dedicated to helping our community become a more environmentally friendly place (maybe an environmental model!) by donating and composting food. Do you know anyone in the restaurant business? Check out the website and encourage them to compost! Got any spare change? Donate it to those in our community who are less fortunate than we are. Working together, we can help save the planet one piece of trash at a time. Find out all about the DAC and how YOU can help, by visiting our website today!

A message from Gint Valiulis, HPA Jr. High History Teacher:

Zero Waste Pasadena 2040!

I came upon this working with my Green Team-Lexus Challenge students who have now labeled themselves DAC (Donate and Compost). The students have decided to tackle the issue of food waste which included 33,000,000 tons of food waste in the U.S. that goes into landfills. To think about it in another way, every year the U.S. puts the approximate weight of 3.3 billion people into landfill.

Our composting program at HPA is a way to help transform this waste into a valuable resource. The students have been finding ways to get the word out and have found that the city of Pasadena is discussing a strategy to achieve zero waste by 2040 which will include strategies that High Point already uses!

Importantly, the city has put together a survey to hear your ideas. If you live or work in Pasadena you may fill out the survey. This is a time when our local government is looking for your input, and the results of this survey may help set the city's priorities.Please click here to complete Pasadena's waste survey and get the word out to your friends!

"Below is our diversion data over the last 6 years with over 57,000 lbs of organics composted and NOT landfilled.


Historial Diversion Data (show actual table, not as a link)


What is this program really about?  Find out by watching this slideshow (anyway to show the first slide as a visual?)