Community Engagement

High Point Students Spread Their Wings 

Community Engagement should not be a one-way undertaking; it is a two-way avenue introducing HPA students to the community and conversely, the community to the uniqueness of HPA.  Student Leadership doesn’toperate in a vacuum; its value is in preparing children to be responsible, thoughtful, and educated members of society.  


Children at all grade levels will benefit from understanding their place in a world beyond the campus and beyond their own neighborhoods.  From developing empathy for others at the primary-grade level to actively serving others in the upper elementary grades to proposing, researching, planning and following through with action plans at the 7th and 8th grade level, students are growing their life skills and developing a deeper sense of compassion, community connection, and empathy. 


Collaborating with a panel of supportive parents, HPA teachers at the elementary level are formulating an on-going program that allows teachers to propose grade-appropriate themes for local community service that they believe will fit within their curriculum.  These projects will likely become High Point traditions in the best sense of the word.


High Point’s junior high students (7th and 8th grades) will have an opportunity to spread their wings by researching and proposing their own service projects for local engagement. Starting with an enrichment class to learn the process of formulating an action plan, students will then progress to execution of their plan, all the while developing a sense of empowerment and leadership.