Curriculum Guide

HIGH POINT ACADEMY’S MISSION AND CORE VALUES have remained strong and unwavering since its founding in 1965. We strive to:

  • Awaken the joy of learning in every student
  • Enable each child to flourish academically, socially, emotionally, and ethically
  • Provide a challenging, traditional, and balanced curriculum
  • Ensure that students develop analytical thinking

We maintain our resolute commitment to provide academic excellence by remaining equally committed to developing and nurturing the Whole Child (academic, social, emotional, ethical) and High Point Academy achieves this as we continue to provide a distinctive balance of tradition and innovation. Here, on our campus, the Six C’s of a 21st century education are in full bloom, with students embracing Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication/public speaking, Character education, Collaboration, and Cross-cultural understanding.

Every strategic goal and priority is still guided by one overarching consideration: “Will this goal/priority further advance High Point’s mission of awakening the joy of learning in students and the pursuit of academic excellence?” At High Point, it is and always will be about the students.

The High Point faculty is always working hard to educate, motivate, and guide our students. But there are so many more things that the faculty does—often behind the scenes—to make our school stronger and more effective. For instance, to support the most recent CAIS Accreditation, the faculty has worked diligently to update and memorialize our current academic and enrichment curriculum in all grades and subjects. A comprehensive Curriculum Guide is available for your perusal, at the front office of High Point. An abridged Curriculum Guide Summary is available here; click on the link at the right, to review it.

All High Point faculty collaborated to create the comprehensive curriculum overview that mapped out key skills for each grade level. You will see these overviews, for each grade, in the opening pages of the Curriculum Guide. Additionally, faculty members employed their writing skills to pen narratives that highlight a) concepts taught and, b) activities in which students participate. They did this for each grade level and subject area. A team of teachers then worked to revise and edit the documents in order to create a K-8 Curriculum Narrative that will be a valuable tool for teachers, students, parents, and our entire High Point community. The Curriculum Guide and its Summary Guide are just one more cornerstone of our very special school, created to help High Point shine and proudly demonstrate our ongoing pursuit of both academic excellence and awakening the joy of learning in each student.

—Gary Stern/Head of School, High Point Administration, and High Point Faculty 

Curriculum Guide